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How to clean a dishwasher


How often do you clean the dishwasher? I admit I don’t clean mine often enough! I wash the dishes every day so they are clean at the same time, right? A look at the dishwasher filter proves this theory wrong. This week I thoroughly cleaned my stainless steel dishwasher and now it’s not the dirtiest clean spot in my house anymore. It turns out that it is very easy to make them sparkle with minimal effort. And a clean dishwasher also means cleaner, healthier dishes! Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to clean your dishwasher…

Clean the dishwasher filter Start by removing the filter from the bottom of the dishwasher. Mine just opened, and then I was able to lift it up. Every dishwasher will be slightly different, so consult your manual if necessary.

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